Who is Greatful Living

As our new winter line is coming out, we thought it would be a great time to properly introduce our company as a whole. 

This photo isn't us. These are volunteers that could be you some day!!

This photo depicts what we are working to build. We're a company that wants to eliminate and reuse as much plastic as possible!

 We grew up on & in the Lakes. 

Our Values and Goals are strictly for the Lakes.

Our goal is to dedicate our lives and our entire company to cleaning up our greatest above ground fresh water resource. These lakes make up just over 20% of our fresh water in the ENTIRE WORLD!! This is why we give back what they give us & then some.

Our Values are honesty, hard work & persistence.

We want to get you involved, help educate others who are unaware of what is actually going on with our resources. We not only dedicate 20% but we dedicate our time, resources and merchandise to spur on the enthusiasm in others to get involved.

On our facebook page you will mostly see posts of congratulating environmental warriors and elements that are causing our Lakes distress.

Instagram you will find beautiful photos of our sunrises, sunsets and adventures we and others have along the lakes. As well as the some of the garbage we find on our adventures along the Lakes.

On our web page is where you'll be able to purchase our merch, sign up for news letters, follow our blog and pop up spots as well as see any new video footage we've put together.

Instead of starting a charity, we started a business that will build an equity and lifestyle that will be sustainable and able to give to the Lakes what they truly need. Cleaning, Love, Funding & knowledge spread around the world. An understanding that if we work together we can undo what we have created within our environment and create a better world for us, the nature around us & our future generations.

We not here to judge others but inspire and support others to join #TheGreatfulWay so that together we can make a difference that is far overdue.

So please know that with these purchases... Yes you are making a more educated and eco friendly choice as well as supporting local manufacturers & suppliers!!! However you are also giving back & creating awareness for a cause that needs you desperately. We're an open book if you have questions before purchasing, please ask.

Our New Winter Line is 100% Canadian Made, Bamboo & Organic cotton.     20% is donated to The Great Lakes.


We hope this helps with any concerns, hesitations or questions you may have had. We're the real deal and so are you! So let's work together!


Have a Greatful Day!!

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