Thanksgiving Beach Cleanup - Lake Erie , Port Dover

Port Dover 🦃Thanksgiving 🦃Collaborative Beach Cleanup 
Greatful Living & Cleaning Up Norfolk 
Tiny plastics
This Thanksgiving we teamed up with @cleaningupnorfolk a not for profit organization working on getting the community involved in cleaning their back yards on a larger scale. 
We were met with some challenging weather but also with some big hearts that in spite of the rain continued the effort to clean the beach. 
Though the Port Dover Beach is raked with a tractor on a fairly regular basis we found large amounts of small plastics or micro plastics & cigarette butts which are just as damaging to our environment. 
All of these toxic and barely noticeable to the eye items end up in our drinking water & food. 
Our volunteers all recived a free t shirt from Greatful Living and warm hearts by doing their good deeds for the holiday season. 
We’d like to thank all of our volunteers, we know your time is valuable and we appreciate you coming out and supporting a worthy cause. 
Keep an an eye out for future posts as we have some great footage for you to view🌊
Stay Greatful & don’t forget to tag us or #thegreatfulway on your lake adventures. 

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