Lake Erie Challenge


It was another beautiful weekend on the shores of Lake Erie. A beautiful light breeze on the shore made for some seriously choppy conditions out on the Lake. Which dictated the fate of our wonderful event planned by Fresh Water Alliance who we co-hosted with many other wonderful organizations advocating for the Great Lakes and their health. 

Our Swimmer Dan Zin was scheduled to swim 30km from Long Point to Pottahawk and finally ending up in Port Dover. Due to the conditions and the good call of his swim coach Josh Reid from SWOOWS he was pulled out. Dan is rescheduled to do his swim September 7th and end up in Port Dover again. Heres hoping the conditions are favorable.

Instead of the swimmers our organizations and supporters got to cheer in our paddle boarders after a 10 hour paddle board in efforts to raise awareness and funds to go to protecting the Lakes. Not only were these determined boarders greeted with smiling faces they were also serenaded in by the Farewell Stanleys from London, ON. 

There were so many interactive and educational activities set up for young and old we could not be prouder of everyone who turned out.

Organzations such as : Cleaning up Norfolk , Long Point Biosphere, Great Art for Great Lakes & More.

Our hope is that it is becoming more and more apparent to people of all ages that our natural resources need our help. They have been sustaining us for generations and it is time that we nurture them as they have us. Our lakes make up just over 20% of our above ground fresh water resources for THE WORLD~!

We are so appreciative of the people like our swimmers and boarders that put themselves out there and invest their time in creating awareness and giving these events a face.

This should be everyone's concern. Many hands make light work. So we invite you to become part of #thegreatfulway by either purchasing our super cozy locally made and eco friendly apparel to spread the word. Or simply following us to join us at our next event to become more educated, pitch in and change your life for the better! Or simply meet like minded individuals who choose to change the things they will not accept.

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Either way take a step in the right direction!

Have a Greatful Day!!


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