Greatful Living Eco-Friendly Christmas

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

I know this has been long awaited. But we all know Christmas time sneaks up on us even when we are stuck at home. I'm hoping this blog posts finds you all well and in the Christmas spirit.

So this year I decided to do things a little differently. I am pretty old school when it comes to decorating. Thrifty and eco conscious to begin with but this year we incorporated our love for the Great Lakes! Which I am super stoked about.

First of all I want to give a big shout out to any of you who have made changes this year to make your holidays and everyday life a little more eco-friendly than last year or the day before, because every little bit counts. I know sometimes there is so much pressure to be perfect in all aspects that sometimes we don't even take a step in the direction we think may be purposeful. It happens. But as I heard on my dance work out this week. (which I just started, pat my own back ;p) 

1% of anything is better than 100% of nothing. So good for you!

Now onto the actual Blog. I made a few Holiday decorations from our finds along the Great Lakes over the years with a couple additions I had around the house.

Repurposing is also huge in creating a more sustainable lifestyle. Give yourself credit where credit is due!

1.We have my favorite because it lights up!! I took my beach glass and strung it to some twine I had for crafts laying around the house. You can use any string really. Just make sure it has some structure. I just liked the natural look of the twine. After that I wrapped it around some lights we had in our Christmas bin and let them fall lightly into an old mason jar I found in a barn. I used to be BIG on picking, when I had more time. 


I Love how natural and bright it looks against the wood mantel too! You could also put light behind a glass jar full of beach glass for simpler less time consuming method. Then you'd have your blog out by Dec.1st haha! Worth the time I think don't you? Let us know. Moving on....

2. I was going to do wreaths to but i got carried away with Christmas trees it turned into my theme. You know when creativity hits you just roll with it.

Admittedly I did look for inspiration for Christmas crafts for the blog but didn't find anything I liked so I wung it. For this one I took what similar driftwood I had made a tripod by hot gluing the top together and then just added pieces where they felt at home. Just let go and trust your process. This is my favorite tree!



3. These are my river rock trees. They turned out Great! Again I just went with what I had and tiered them up using hot glue. I know hot glue isn't eco but I had it and it needs to be used. So as you can see the first two are pretty simple, one has beach glass as a topper but both are pretty naturally simple reps of the Christmas tree. But I think they make a great statement.

The third river rock tree is adorned with tiny beach glass ornaments. Which at first I was going to paint strings of lights on but then the light bulb went on. (excuse the pun) and I used my tiny pieces instead and I am super happy I did!

4. As for my last but not least Christmas tree I found this piece the day after I decided to do the Christmas blog and I was amazed! It was perfect so I put it aside. Then I had to wrestle it out of my puppy Basils mouth. It sustained minimal scarring so I quickly put it in my bag I use to pick up garbage while I walk the beach. Yes a bit of a reminder to keep our Great Lakes clean ; p

This piece was already a Christmas tree made! What do you think? I put a star fish I had laying around as the topper : ) 


A few other things you can do is use discarded branches for wreaths and urns which I do every year. You can use food as décor like those mandarin oranges everyone loves. I love décor you can eat!! Also use eco-friendly or left over wrapping paper.

There are tons of options. Whatever you do enjoy it. Don't stress out. Stay safe. Keep your loved ones close and try and practice the Holiday spirit all year round!

Since you've made it this far I am going to include 20% discount code on our summer cruising eco-friendly stickers with any purchase from our site!


Shhh... It's just for you because I'm so Greatful you read my blog and I'm assuming liked it.  : )

Have a Greatful Day Everyone!!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

From Our Family To You & Yours!





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